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Electric Cordless Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

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Break the rules, make cleaning a breeze

Whether you are a parent or a soon to be parent, having children can make you busy so let us carry some of the weight of all that tedious bottle washing with the introduction of a high capacity rechargeable 360* self-spinning brush for wireless use that actually takes half the time off and comes with food-grade silicone attachments for your various washing needs. With its compact design, the electric bottle cleaning brush is the perfect tool to clean even the most hard-to-reach spots. Whether it's a sports bottle with a narrow neck or a large growler with complex curves, this brush will get into every nook and cranny to remove even the toughest stains. The brush is powered by a rechargeable battery, making it easy to clean your bottles without having to worry about finding a power outlet. The battery provides up to two hours of continuous use, so you can clean multiple bottles in one go. So why wait? Order yours today and start enjoying a cleaner, fresher life!

Colour :

Warranty : 1 Year

With this cordless electric cleaning brush, you can quickly clean baby bottles, coffee cups, and wine glasses without having to struggle.

  • Powerful and fast-spinning brushes thoroughly remove every trace of residue in a matter of seconds. So we can better spend our time elsewhere!
  • Includes two brush heads: one for cleaning pacifiers and the other for washing bottles and cups.
  • 360* rotation bottle cleaning brush, easily cleans your various cups in one minute.
  • Both brush heads are made of the same food-grade silicone as the pacifier, which is acid and alkali resistant and will not age.
  • 15 days of continuous use on a 2-hour charge.
  • The safety design ensures that the motor will automatically stop working when blocked instead of heating up or burning out.

Waterproof Grade IPX5

The electric bottle brush has an IPX5 water-resistant design, making it simple to use. But do not submerge it in water for an extended period of time.

Long Last Battery

Built-in rechargeable battery, which charges in about 2 hours and can be used constantly for weeks.

Easy Storage

The bottle brush supports wall-mounted storage, which is beautiful and space-saving.

More Than Just Bottles

Easily reach into baby bottles, cups, pacifiers, jugs, and ordinary bottles for deep, quick, and effortless cleaning.

  • Easy & Quick : The electric baby bottle brush set has rotating silicone bristles and two speeds, allowing you to select the one that will best suit your needs. It will quickly and thoroughly remove all residues without leaving any scratches, saving you time and energy.
  • Safe and Durable Material: The baby bottle cleaner set is made of BPA-free, odourless, food-grade liquid silicone and ABS, both of which are safe and environmentally friendly materials. The brush heads can withstand boiling water and are dishwasher safe.
  • Multifunctional Bottle Brush : Bottle brush set includes electric bottle brush, nipple brush and straw cleaner brush. Suitable for bottles, nipples, breast pump parts, water bottles and more. The soft and durable brush head can easily reach all dead corners and clean completely.
  • Waterproof and Standable: The electric bottle cleaner brush has an IP65 waterproof design that is also body washable and waterproof. However, do not immerse it completely in water. To save space, it can be placed directly on the specially configured hook after use.
  • USB Rechargeable : : The electric bottle brush can be recharged using a USB cable (USB cable included). After being fully charged, it can be used for more than two weeks. For battery reminders, the bottle brush handle has an LED light indicator.

Product Model X2
Material ABS, PP
Colour Pink
Rated Voltage 3.7 V
Battery Capacity 1500 mAh
Charging Time 2 Hours
Waterproof Grade IP65
Product Weight 0.62 Kg

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