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Baby UV Sterilizer And Dryer

Rs. 16,999.00

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As we know that all babies love to munch and put things like teethers, mobile phones, remotes, toys, plastic bottles into their mouth. However, not all the things can be sterilized with boiling water or using conventional steam baby sterilizer. The Legit Baby UV Sterilizer has been designed and developed for effectively removing viruses and bacteria, possibly remained in baby bottles and other daily use products. It is a convenient, state-of-the-art drying and sanitizing station that provides you with the ultimate in sanitary efficiency. This sleek and powerful device eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Aertrycke, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and so on, and is safe to use on all of your baby's various feeding gear.
With our new product Legit Baby UV Sterilizer, you can now sterilize everything including toothbrushes, gadgets, cutleries, make up tools, toys, anything you want to clean and sterilize with just one button.


Colour :

Warranty : 1 Year

Features for Modes

Auto, Dry, Sterlize/UV Storage

Optimal Drying Temp of 50-55°C

Prevents Bacteria Growth

Auto Shut-off Safety Feature

Once door opens during operation ensures safety for adults and children.

Compact and Functional Size

Takes up minimal space but can store upto 10 feeding bottles

Lab Proven and Tested

To kill 99.99% of Harmful Bacteria such as E-Coli, Saimonela and Staph

Uses Quality PHILIPS UV Lamps

To sterlize your baby bottles, pump parts, toys, teethers and gadgets

Convenient, Safe & Easy to Use

No risk of burns, no need to dry damp bottles and no clean-up

Effortless Touch Control

Touch Panel Dual Function UV Sterilizer & Dryer.

The Legit UV Sterilizer is controlled by an easy-to-use touch panel, making operating the device a breeze.

Single Philips TUV

  • Single Philips TUV 4watts T5 Bulb Short Wave Germicidal UV-C Light
  • Estimated Life Span of 9000 hours.
  • Made In Poland

Stainless Steel interior allows 360 degree thorough UV light coverage

With various applications, Legit UV STERLIZER grows with you and your little one. Not only Baby Bottles, you can sterlize Pacifiers, Teethers, Droppers, Sponges, Gadgets etc.

Waterless Not just for Bottles

With LEGIT waterless UV Sterlization and low temperature drying method, you can sterlize almost anything.

Such as: Sterlize soft toys, teether, remotes, toothbrush, and even your cellphones!

From bottles to electronics, we do it all.

  • Automatically dry and sterilize in as little as 50 minutes with a single touch. Material-BPA Free PP Plastic
  • The gentle heat and effective UV rays can safely dry and sterilize all sorts of things.
  • Optional storage setting activates UV sterilization for one minute, every two hours, ensuring all feeding gear remains completely sanitized throughout the day. Even with regular opening and closing of door, it will continue the storage function.
  • Philips UV Tube safely and efficiently eliminates 99.9% of E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and other harmful bacteria.
  • Drying Feature at Low Temperature of below 50 degrees does not change the shape of the bottles and make sure objects are completely dry.
  • Fit up to 12 baby bottles (depending on the sizes of the bottles)
  • Full mirror door to view sterilizing process.
  • Low management cost as compared to steam sterilizers.

Product Model:UVS-01
Type:UV Sterilizer & dryer
Capacity:12 slimneck/ 9 wideneck
Product Size:320x286x370mm
Rated Voltage:220V-50Hz
Rated Power:180W
Product Weight : 4.2 Kg
Mode:Auto, Dry, Disinfect and Storage
Display:LED light-up display
Material:ABS Body, Food grade stainless steel liner, Explosion proof tempered glass
Certification:European Safety Certification
Warranty:1 Year

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Customer Reviews

5 ★   Best Product

With all that is going on in the world we decided to invest in a UV sterilizer. After careful consideration, this unit was the best option for us. The size is great for almost any item that needs to be sterilized without taking too much space in the home. Effortless touch control panel makes it very easy to use. The best part is it has 4 different modes which makes convenient for wet items to dry first before sterilizing. Very light, the unit is easy to move and store when not in use. Very cost efficient, I have save more money using this product and significantly reduced my usage of chemicals keeping my family safe.

Pia   2020-09-19 08:21:44

5 ★   Best Product

It is an amazing sterilizer! I normally don't write review for any product, but for this one, I HAVE TO, I really want to recommend this to parents who are looking for a baby product sterilizer and dryer. It is an awesome product! I was looking for a sterilizer for my baby stuff. First of all, it is very spacious inside. BIG capacity! I can put lots of baby stuffs in it and sanitize them together, which saves me lot of time and I don’t have to do them multiple times. Beside the baby stuff, I realized I can put my own stuff in it as well to be sterilized, which is so efficient! Also, it is very easy to use, as easy as using your rice cooker: put them inside and click couple of buttons, then DONE! Everything solved! :) Another feature is its holding time, which go up to 24 hours, so useful! I left the stuff in it and can grab them anytime I need them, don’t have to worry about them at all. It also has drying function which is very useful to dry baby bottles, clothes, toys before after washing. I love it, it is a must have stuff for new parents! This small box is a BLESSING in such hard times.

Sahiba   2020-09-24 06:43:44

5 ★   Best Product

This UV sanitizer is literally a pumping Mama's dream. I am on my second child and I'm wondering where this machine has been all of my life. Sterilizing bottles and pump parts is such a hassle and tedious job yet this machine makes it so much less fuss, stress, and time. It has multiple functions on it: it can sterilize in about 15 minutes, it can dry items that you have washed and are damp such as bottles, pacifiers, utensils etc, it has an auto mode for sterilizing and drying and then it also has a storage mode for 72 hours. The unit actually uses a removable 4W Philips G4 T5 germicidal UV-C lamp (8000 lifetime hours) versus a plastic box with a purple LED that would not do anything. I am really happy and satisfied with the product so far. Its worth spending money on this.

Ruhi   2020-09-28 06:33:56

It looks fancy, but do I really need to sanitize my baby's feeding items?

For health individual, it may not be a necessity on daily basis, but it definitely helps during those under the weather moments. If you are a breast pump user, it is required to sanitize the pump accessories after each use. Additionally, with the added benefit of able to dry and store everything within an hour, it’s a no-brainer.

How does UV work? Does it really kill the bacteria?

UV-C germicidal sanitizing is very effective and a widely used method in medical, dental, pharmaceutical fields and water treatment making it a trusted disinfectant.

Read More on how UV works

Convenient & Safe Baby UV Steriilzer and Dryer

Babies are prone to put everything they can grab on to their mouth. So sterilization of many things have become necessary, apart from the usual feeding bottles. Move over the cumbersome old sterilization process with hot water and steam and bring over the new and latest baby UV sterilizer and dryer, a boon to a bacteria free environment for babies.
The compact state of the art Legit appliance does a neat job of sterilizing and drying any item you can think of like their feeding bottles, toys, teethers, feeding accessories, napkins, towels, baby cutleries, and more. This essential gadget eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria like E coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and other harmful microbes with a single touch.
With a 16L capacity, the Legit baby sterilizer and dryer has enough space to accommodate multiple items and has a convenient double tray made of stainless steel to sanitize, store and dry baby items. It uses the highly effective Phillips UV light and the entire process can be seen thru an unbreakable tempered glass door, has an auto off protection while door is open, easy soft touch control panel with LED indicators. Get your own unit now for a hassle free waterless sterilization of your cute little one’s favourite items.