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Baby Wet Wipe Warmer

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Warm it up!

Do ice-cold wipes trigger unhappy cries during diaper changes? The Legit Wipe Warmer will soothe baby's bottom and warm mom's heart. A wet wipe warmer is a super handy baby essential that warms up your baby's wipes to the perfect temperature, keeping them moist and full of moisture. It's a great way to provide a warm and cozy wipe experience for your baby, especially during the cold winter months. Help make diaper changing more enjoyable for your little one with the comfort of a warm wipe.

Colour :

Warranty : 1 Year

LEGIT Baby Wipe Warmer for Family

Structure Design that is More Reasonable and Advanced

The LEGIT baby wipes warmer uses an advanced and reasonable principle design based on a top heating system. It is a reliable and cost-effective product, easy to use, and portable in size. LEGIT wipes warmer makes diaper changing more enjoyable for your little one with the comfort of a warm wipe.

  • Super silent design
  • LED touchscreen display
  • 24 hours constant temperature
  • Fits all sizes of wipes

Top Heated Aluminum Board

  • No Smell, Greater Safety
  • No rust, No deformation
  • Faster heat transfer, More Efficient
  • Prevents wipes at the bottom from drying out

Adjustable Temperature

The temperature is accurately displayed on the touch screen. There are three temperature settings available: 45*C (113*F), 50*C (122*F), and 55*C (131*F).

Small Lid Design

The small lid allows you to remove the wipes without allowing heat to escape from the container, keeping the wipes warmer.

Extra Large Capacity

Baby wet wipes of all sizes and brands can be stored in this wipes warmer. The silicon belt can be adjusted based on the size of the wet wipes packet.

Hot Sheet Mask

Mom can also use the baby wet wipes warmer to warm the face sheet mask.

Installation Steps

  • Open the wipes warmer and adjust the silicon straps to the size of the wet wipes packet.
  • Remove the tape and place the baby wet wipes packet inside the warmer.
  • Connect the Wipes Warmer to an electrical outlet.
  • Turn on the power button and set the temperature to your liking, the wipes will be ready to use in 15 minutes.

  • Super Fast Heating : Heating time is only 15 minutes! This baby wipe warmer has a top heating system that instantly makes every wipe you use hot, clean, and hygienic.
  • 3 Heat Modes Available( 40*C to 55*C): To select your chosen temperature, simply touch the screen. After heating, it maintains a steady temperature that is not excessively hot.
  • Priority Heating of Top Wipes : The first top 5 pieces wet wipes can be heated in the wipe warmer for 15 minutes by default. Each wipe you use will not be overheated and will not turn yellow.
  • Always Moist & Save Energy : To keep wipes from drying out, the thicker lid seals in moisture and heat. For 5 days, it only consumes 1 KW of electricity. You can be confident that utilizing this wipes heater and dispenser will not waste electricity. LEGIT wipes warmer has a safety mechanism that turns it off if it is not used for an extended period of time.
  • Large Capacity : : It can hold various sizes of baby wipes and adult wipes.

Product Model TB2017
Material PP
Colour Pink
Rated Voltage 220-240V 50-60 Hz
Rated Power 28 W
Product Size (LxBxH) 13x 21 x 8 cm
Product Weight 0.62 Kg

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