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Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

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Trimming baby’s nails can be terrifying—especially for new parents. Small scissors seem dangerous—one wrong squirm could mean disaster. Clippers are clumsy and easily pinch. And biting your baby’s nails (yes, people do this) is totally unsanitary! With the LEGIT Electric Baby Nail Trimmer, you can ditch all of those methods in favor of one that’s safe, easy and stress-free.

Colour :

Warranty : 1 Year

Legit Electric Nail Clipper

Worried about clipping your baby’s nails?

Heart-wrenching when you see that your baby scratches his innocent face?

Baby's fingernails grow especially fast. If mothers do not trim and polish in time, the baby's fingernails will easily scratch their faces.

This Electric Baby Nail Clipper is effective to trim nails without scratching fingers. Try to use this Safe Nail Clipper- A Great Solution to Your Baby Nails Troubles.

You don’t need a magnifying glass to trim your baby’s nails safely. The Legit nail Clipper uses a unique motion and cushioned pads to gently and easily file tiny fingernails without harming surrounding skin. Legit comes with four cushioned pads, each designed for a different stage of your baby’s growth.

1. Nail Clipper can be used 0 months +

2. Safe and effective for babies to toddlers

3. Nail Trimmer comes with four cushioned pads with varying grits

4. The package includes a storage case, operation manual, and four nail pads

How to Use:
  • Install 1 AA battery, observe polarity, close the cover.
  • Choose corresponding grinding head according to the age.
  • Push the button to the rotation and speed you need.
  • (Just move the central button up or down to select the working modes, fast & low speed.)
Legit Replacement pads ( Pack of 4 )

Extra pads for your Legit Nail Clipper. Choose the appropriate color for your baby’s age and/or nail thickness.

  • Pink : 0-3 months (Extra Soft Grinding)
  • Green : 3-6 months (Soft Grinding)
  • Blue : 6-12 months (Medium Grinding)
  • Sky Blue : 12 months+ (Hard Grinding)

  • Stress-free & Safe: Trimming your little one's nails no longer has to be clumsy, anxious and scared. The LEGIT Electric Baby Nail trimmer is easy, safe and super-gentle on tiny nails with no risk of cuticle injury!
  • Gentle & Quiet: This electric baby nail file is equipped with an ultra-quiet motor,you can easily trim your baby's tiny toenails and fingernails while they sleep.
  • 4-Stage Filing Pads: We included 4-stage pads which are color-coded to coincide with your child’s age. You will always know which pad to use with your electric baby nail trimmer for safe and gentle nail care as he grows.
  • 2-Speed Switch: Make the process quicker and less dangerous when using our electric nail trimmer. Adjustable speed lets you go at your own pace with safe, effective grooming.
  • Easy to Use: Unique ergonomic handle designed for a relaxed, slip-resistant grip. And the electric nail file is battery operated with a convenient carrying case for ease on-the-go.

Product Model ‎‎NA-1.0
Material ‎BPA Free Plastic
Colour ‎‎White
Product Weight ‎120 Grams
Gross Weight 200 Grams
Product Size ‎‎4.5 x 11.5 cm
Box Size ‎‎16 x 11x 6 cm
Compatibility ‎‎Requires 1 AA battery 

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Soft and Smooth Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

Among the host of technology assisted baby care products, the electric baby nail trimmer is sure to stand out as the most essential of gadgets for the young parents. Baby nails grow fast and the need to keep an eye on them constantly as it accumulates dirt and babies keep putting the fingers on to their mouth or scratching themselves, all the time.
Any other means of trimming baby nails are often primitive and enhances the risk of injury. Do away with the nail cutters, that are for adults. Use the safe and friendly electric nail trimmers innovatively designed to do the difficult task. An age wise appropriate and colored soft cushion pads for 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12 above, it allows you to choose the correct grinding instead of a one size fit all solution. The adjustable speed adds extra precaution on how much you want to trim. With the single AA battery the motor operates with zero noise and vibration, a practical feature that allows to trim the nails while they are sleeping.
Get the best electric baby nail trimmer in India now at the Legit online store and be sure baby grooming is in your safe hands. No more dread of cutting and injuring the skin. The trimmer can be used by mommy’s too for precise manicuring of their nails.