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Electric Nail Trimmer For Baby & Adult

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Are you concerned about trimming your baby's nails? Is it heartbreaking to witness your newborn scratch his innocent face? Baby fingernails develop extremely quickly. If mothers do not trim and polish their babies fingernails on time, the baby's fingernails will easily scratch their faces. This electric baby nail clipper trims nails without scratching the fingers. Try this safe nail clipper- A fantastic solution to your baby nail problems. You don't need a magnifying lens to securely cut your baby's nails. The LEGIT nail clipper employs a novel action and cushioned pads to gently and easily file tiny fingernails without causing injury to the surrounding flesh. It has six cushioned pads, each tailored for a particular stage of your baby's development.

Colour :

Warranty : 1 Year

Are you terrified of accidentally nicking your little one's skin while trimming their nails? The LEGIT nail trimmer is designed to relieve that fear, eliminating those accidental cuts that can occur when using sharp nail clippers, keeping your nerves to a minimum!

LEGIT Nail Clipper won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds, you can safely and quickly trim little toenails and fingernails.

  • Nail Clipper can be used 0 months +
  • Safe and effective for babies to toddlers
  • Nail Trimmer comes with four cushioned pads with varying grits
  • The package includes a storage case, operation manual, and six nail pads

  • How to Use
  • 1. Install 2 AAA batteries and close the cover.
  • 2. Choose corresponding grinding head according to the age.
  • 3. Just move the central button to select the working modes, fast & low speed

Replacement Pads

Choose the appropriate color of the filing pad according to your baby's age. It has 2 filing pads for adults too.

Whisper Quiet

You can file nails even while your baby is sleeping, without causing any disturbance.

Safe and Effective

2 speeds are available. 360* all-round trim and polish nails quickly and safely, won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds.

BPA Free

LEGIT baby nail clippers made of high-quality ABS, durable and fall resistance material. BPA free, care for your baby!

  • Stress-free & Safe :Trimming your little one's nails no longer have to be clumsy, anxious and scared. The LEGIT Electric Baby Nail trimmer is easy, safe and super-gentle on tiny nails with no risk of cuticle injury.
  • Whisper Quiet & Back Light: LEGIT baby nail clipper set with the whisper-quiet motor and LED back light. Turn on the backlight while the baby is sleeping.
  • Multi-function 6-in-1 Nail Care Set : LEGIT nail clipper come's with 4 cushioned sandpapers safe for babies and children, and 2 attachments for adult use. Lightweight, compact allows you to carry anywhere and use whenever.
  • 2-Speed Switch : Make the process quicker and less dangerous when using our electric nail trimmer. Adjustable speed lets you go at your own pace with safe, effective grooming.
  • Easy to Use : : Unique ergonomic handle designed for a relaxed, slip-resistant grip. And the electric nail file is battery operated with a convenient carrying case for ease on-the-go.

Product Model TB-2119
Material BPA Free Plastic
Colour Blue
Compatibility Requires 2 AAA Batteries
Product Size 4x12 cm
Product Weight 120 Grams

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