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Make your own coffee, from bean to cup, in a jiffy!

Make your own coffee, from bean to cup, in a jiffy!

For every coffee lover, the cumbersome process of getting the correct ratio of mixing the roast bean to get that perfect powder is dreadful because this is fully dependant on the shop where you buy your coffee powder. Even if you buy from the same shop, somehow the taste differs each time. Add to this, the grinding process for that correct fineness that makes sure the powder is not wasted while making the decoction. Many a times, the powder filters through the coffee maker and collects as sediment in your cup, leaving a bitter taste.

Grinding the coffee bean is an important process which determines the end product i.e., a cup of great coffee. So what if you have the power to grind the bean as well? A fully automatic coffee machine does exactly this and more. It not only grinds the roasted bean but also allows you to set the fineness you want with an integrated grinder built in. With the key function of grinding taken care, everything else falls in to place nicely.

Bean to cup coffee machines can be bought online in India with a variety of brands coming up semi and automatic machines loaded with everything you need to make your coffee right. Even there are machines where you can roast the bean, grind and brew. Almost all the gadgets have options to make coffee varieties viz., Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino and Macchiato. There are containers to add milk and control the milk to espresso ratio for a strong or light flavor. The machines comes with foam system which adds your espresso with a dense, rich and lasting foam, just like branded coffee outlets.

Like any automatic kitchen gadgets, the coffee machines feature simple and easy to use menu with preset functions and led displays. Additionally there are customizable configurations for every process i.e., the grind fineness, water and milk ratios, brew temperatures and timing, cream level and keep warm feature so you can pour a drink anytime without reheating, etc. All the custom settings can be stored so you don’t have to keep repeating the steps. The gadgets are easily dismantled for cleaning and washing for reuse.

A Perfect Blend Of Design And Technology

Legit bean to cup coffee machine is the hottest selling product online in India with all the above features. The gadget is sleek and aesthetic for the modern kitchen and does all the works for that awesome brew. It has the LED touch screen, milk container, bean container, adjustable coffee sprout, foam system, dual boiler, cup warming, waste water collector, etc., an all in one bean to cup comprehensive coffee machine, a perfect blend of design and technology.

Just switch it on and select your menu and of course keep your cup ready!