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UV Sterlizer FAQ's

What is ultraviolet?

Ultraviolet is also known as UV-C or UV. UV-A, UV-B and, UV-C are all part of the ultraviolet light spectrum naturally occurring from the sun. Ultraviolet light in the C spectrum is energy-rich with a wavelength of 200-400 nanometres (nm). UV-C can destroy more than 99.99% of bacteria within seconds, without additional chemicals.

How does it work?

The UV wavelength can create a deadly effect on bacteria by altering the chromosome and blocks cell division. As a result, reproduction will be interrupted and also lead to cell death.

Is UV disinfection reliable?

UV-C germicidal properties is very effective and it is used widely in medical, pharmaceutical fields and water treatment, making it a trusted disinfectant.

Is it safe for home use?

- Environment-friendly disinfection without chemicals.
- Consumes only 4W of energy
- UV bulb is by Philips. Low mercury content & ozone-free.
- Auto UV shut off the mechanical system when opening.

Is it safe for the eyes?

Unlike UVA and UVB, UVC is not known to cause cancer or shows evidence of any eye malignant effects, for best precaution, any exposure should always be avoided. Our unit is also designed around safety precaution, by shutting off with the opening of the cabinet door.